Elizabeth Ann Weber – The Woman Behind Billy Joel’s Early Years!

Let me tell you about Elizabeth Ann Weber, a name that might not ring a bell for everyone, but it sure does for me. You see, growing up, I was always fascinated by the stories behind the music I loved, especially when it came to the legendary Billy Joel. And Elizabeth? Well, she’s like the hidden gem in Joel’s story

Elizabeth Ann Weber is best known for her association with renowned musician Billy Joel as his first wife. Despite not being a mainstream celebrity herself, her relationship with Joel significantly impacted his early career and personal life.

In this article, We’ll explore her impact on Joel’s music, her role as his financial manager, and the enigmatic mystery surrounding her life post-divorce. 

Here’s A Quick Bio Check On Elizabeth Ann Weber:

Birth nameElizabeth Ann Weber
Year of birth1942
Age80 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birthNew York, USA
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusDivorced
ChildrenSean Small
Alma materNew York University
Famous asBilly Joel’s ex-wife
Height in cm155 cm
Height in feet5’6″
Weight in kg47 kg
Weight in pounds103 lbs
Eye colourGreen
Hair colourBlonde

Who Is Elizabeth Ann Weber?

Elizabeth Ann Weber is someone who was connected to the famous singer Billy Joel, but not many people know much about her. She was born in New York in 1942, but we don’t know a lot about her childhood. Her story became more interesting when she got married to Jon Small, who played drums in a band with Billy Joel.

Things changed when it came out that Elizabeth was having a relationship with Billy Joel. Her marriage with Jon ended because of this. After that, she married Billy Joel in 1973. Even though she wasn’t famous herself, she inspired some of Billy Joel’s famous songs.

After her divorce from Billy Joel in 1982, Elizabeth stepped away from the public eye. We don’t know much about what happened to her after that. She chose to keep her life private, so there are a lot of unanswered questions about her. But her story shows how personal relationships can be connected to fame and how they can shape someone’s life, even if they stay out of the spotlight.

What Is Known About Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Early Life And Her Marriage To Jon Small?

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s story starts before she met Billy Joel when she was married to Jon Small. We don’t know much about Elizabeth’s early life, like where she grew up or went to school. But things changed when she married Jon Small, who was a drummer in a rock band called The Hassles. Billy Joel was also part of the same band. This marriage marked a big moment in Elizabeth’s life.

During their marriage, Elizabeth, Jon Small, and Billy Joel were all involved in the music scene together. However, their relationship hit a rough patch when it became known that Elizabeth was romantically involved with Billy Joel. This caused problems in her marriage to Jon Small and eventually led to their divorce.

Information about Elizabeth’s marriage to Jon Small is not widely known, and there isn’t much available about how their relationship was or what caused them to split up. However, this time in Elizabeth’s life set the stage for her future relationship with Billy Joel, which had a big effect on both of them later on.

How Did Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Marriage To Billy Joel Affect His Career – Find Out Here!

When Elizabeth Ann Weber married Billy Joel in 1973, it was a big deal for the famous singer. Even though she wasn’t a famous person herself, she played an important role in Billy Joel’s life and career.

Elizabeth didn’t just become Billy Joel’s wife. She also helped him manage his money and business stuff, which let him focus more on making music. Plus, she inspired some of his best songs, like “Just The Way You Are” and “Piano Man.” Being with her probably made him feel happier and more creative.

But, like in many relationships, they had problems too, and they ended up getting divorced in 1982. Even after they split up, Elizabeth’s influence on Billy Joel’s career stayed strong. Overall, Elizabeth Ann Weber’s marriage to Billy Joel was a big part of his life and helped him become the successful musician we know today.

What Happened To Elizabeth Ann Weber After Her Divorce From Billy Joel?

Following her divorce from Billy Joel in 1982, Elizabeth Ann Weber largely retreated from the public eye, choosing to lead a more private life away from the spotlight. While her marriage to Joel had garnered attention due to his fame as a musician, Elizabeth herself remained relatively unknown outside of their relationship.

After the divorce settlement, which reportedly entitled her to a significant percentage of Billy Joel’s earnings, Elizabeth’s financial situation likely saw a substantial improvement. However, details about her professional efforts or financial ventures post-divorce are scarce, as she maintained a low profile.

Reports indicate that Elizabeth continued to own the house Joel had bought for her during their marriage, as it was listed for sale in 2018 for $20 million. This suggests that she may still be the owner, but there are no further details about its sale or her current residence.

As for her personal life, there are no records confirming whether Elizabeth remarried after her divorce from Billy Joel. Her current relationship status remains a mystery, as she has kept her private life largely out of the public eye.

Did Elizabeth Ann Weber Have Any Children With Billy Joel?

Elizabeth Ann Weber didn’t have kids with Billy Joel, but she did have a son named Sean Small from her first marriage. So, when she and Billy got together, Sean became part of their family. After Elizabeth and Billy split up, Sean’s relationship with Billy likely changed, but we don’t know much about that. So, to sum up, Elizabeth had a son from before, but she and Billy didn’t have kids together.


1. What was the reason behind Elizabeth Ann Weber’s divorce from Billy Joel?

The specific reasons for Elizabeth Ann Weber’s divorce from Billy Joel were not publicly disclosed. While their marriage faced challenges, the details of their separation remained private.

2. How did Elizabeth Ann Weber meet Billy Joel?

Elizabeth Ann Weber met Billy Joel through their involvement in The Hassles, a rock band where both Joel and Jon Small were members. Their romantic relationship began while Joel was still married to his first wife.

3. What is known about Elizabeth Ann Weber’s career before her marriage to Billy Joel?

Before her marriage to Billy Joel, Elizabeth Ann Weber’s career details are not publicly available. However, she worked as a financial manager during her marriage to Joel, playing a significant role in his career and finances.

4. Was Elizabeth Ann Weber involved in Billy Joel’s music career beyond their personal relationship?

While Elizabeth Ann Weber’s primary role in Billy Joel’s life was as his wife and financial manager, there is no public information indicating direct involvement in his music career beyond personal inspiration for some of his songs.


Elizabeth Ann Weber’s story gives us a peek into the private life of a famous musician, Billy Joel. Even though she isn’t as famous as him, her impact on his early career and personal life is important. 

After their marriage ended, Elizabeth decided to stay out of the public eye. This leaves us wondering what she did after the divorce. Still, her influence on Billy Joel’s music is a reminder that there’s often more to artists’ lives than meets the eye.

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