4 Differences From Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Wholesale Bedding

Understanding the material composition of bed linens can help you purchase quality wholesale bedding for your hotel or commercial laundry.

Egyptian cotton and regular cotton are common bedding materials that vary in weight and other characteristics. Here is detailed information to help you differentiate Egyptian cotton wholesale bed linens from those made of regular cotton:

1. Affordability

Egyptian cotton bed linens are costlier because they take more time to manufacture. Skill and expertise in making these bedding materials give them higher quality than regular cotton ones.

Improved quality control during the Egyptian cotton wholesale bedding manufacturing increases their sale prices. The high cost of producing smooth Egyptian cotton yarns also makes the fabric costlier than regular cotton.

Machines like spindle pickers harvest ordinary cotton, while human labor is used for Egyptian cotton. Handpicking is done more carefully than machine harvesting, resulting in straighter fibers in Egyptian cotton. The errors likely to happen during machine picking of regular cotton make them cheaper than the Egyptian ones.

2. Lifespan

Egyptian cotton handpicking is gentle and doesn’t strain, weaken, or damage the cotton fibers. The strength of Egyptian cotton fibers makes them more durable than regular cotton.

The gentle nature of Egyptian cotton harvesting makes them softer fabrics and the best for quality nights of sleep.

Wholesale bed linens made of this type of cotton are ideal for hospitality businesses, as they aren’t prone to fast wrinkling, fraying, or tearing.

The porosity nature of Egyptian cotton yarn makes it a more absorbent fabric than regular cotton. This causes Egyptian cotton to retain its dye color and stay vibrant longer than ordinary cotton fabric.

3. Breathability

Egyptian cotton bed linens allow easier air circulation due to the fabric’s porosity. High breathability results in more efficient sweat absorption at night.

Buying Egyptian cotton bulk bedding for your hotel can keep your clients cool, dry, and comfortable during summer nights. The breathability of Egyptian cotton makes its bed linens hypoallergic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

4. Threat Count

Egyptian cotton undergoes carding to lengthen shorter fibers. The longer and stronger staples left behind increase this cotton’s thread count. A high thread count makes the fabric’s bedding luxurious and denser than regular cotton.

Threads in your Egyptian cotton wholesale bed linens are less likely to snag or get pulled out as the fabric is tighter than ordinary cotton fabric. Count your Egyptian or regular cotton bed linen threads by adding the total weft and warp threads.

Care Tips for Your Cotton Wholesale Bedding

Gently wash your Egyptian or regular cotton bulk duvets and bed sheets to protect their fibers from breaking. Use cold water, as hot water can weaken the fabrics and shorten your bed linens’ lifespan.

Natural detergents like vinegar or baking soda are non-toxic and don’t cause cotton bedding to fade, wrinkle, or tear. Allowing your Egyptian or ordinary cotton bedding to dry adequately helps keep them breathable and safe for your hotel clients.

Buy Wholesale Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Bulk duvets and bed sheets made of Egyptian cotton are ideal options for your hotel because of their breathability, hypoallergenic, and durability. The high quality of these wholesale bedding fabrics can give you value for your money. Contact a reputable wholesaler for the highest-quality cotton bedding and towels.

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