Wholesale Artificial Turf Supply Solutions

Artificial turf supply provides solutions for a wide range of landscapes. This includes outdoor uses and indoor interior designs. It’s also available for residential and commercial uses. Here are some wholesale artificial turf solutions:


Outdoor or indoor playgrounds can have a consistent and safe surface with fake turf. A thick pad is laid underneath the artificial turf for a soft area to land or jump on.

The material can withstand high foot traffic areas, such as merry-go-rounds, swings, or at the base of slides. Depending on the vendor, the color shades may vary to help match the aesthetics of the play equipment.

Landscapes and Lawns

Installing artificial grass in lawns or landscaping helps water conservation and avoids using irrigation. It saves expenses on weeding, insect prevention measures, aeration, and more. The synthetic turf can handle various climates throughout all the seasons. The different styles and material types may also raise a home’s value.

Dog and Pet Areas

A quality artificial turf supply helps reduce muddy conditions, such as when pets are coming back inside from playing in wet weather. The material provides an environment that’s free from pests that will attach to your dog’s coat.

Water and other liquids will drain quickly due to the infill, and it also absorbs any odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste.


Homeowners have the option to install synthetic material on rooftops. It transforms an indoor residential area into an outdoor space. This type of turf is a long-lasting alternative to wood or composite decking. It’s also eco-friendly and requires little to no maintenance.

Pool Areas

Some pool areas are prone to slick surfaces when wet. Real grass is an option, but it requires constant upkeep. This includes mowing and fertilizing, which may risk grass clippings entering the pool.

Artificial grass helps create friction to avoid slipping and offers a functional purpose beyond aesthetics. It doesn’t collect water on its surface but has a draining system underneath the infill.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Artificial grass is ideal for agility zones and gyms, depending on the type of material. It offers a durable, low-friction option for sports. With training athletes in mind, the pad can offer a shock-absorbing surface to help reduce stress on the joints. It may also help reduce the risk of injuries when exercising and training.

Turf Installation Process

During the installation process, a team will meet and address any challenges in the area where you want the turf. They’ll help create a design for implementation, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, the excavation process begins to prepare the sub-base for an even surface and drainage. Plastic lumber is used as a border to help secure the turf.

For the sub-base, some installers will use geotextile, a rock layer that helps prevent weeds from growing. It offers a solid foundation and an effective draining system. The turf is then ready for installation and secured with the plastic lumber perimeter.

It can also be secured with taping and gluing in sections for a seamless appearance. The installation specialists will then add infill. This may be coated sand, which prevents any expansion or contraction. It also keeps turf fibers standing upright to maintain their aesthetics and make them look like natural grass.

Get Started With a Quality Artificial Turf Supply

Artificial turf provides benefits beyond irrigation and saving on landscape expenses. Maintenance is simple and straightforward — you may only need to hose it down once in a while to remove debris. It will not create muddy conditions, dry patches, or attract insects. It keeps its lush green color year-round and is durable in high-traffic areas. Contact a turf installer near you to find solutions for your project.

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